Whether you are renting or selling property, we have a solution to help you build the best real estate website possible. BePro Listings is a free real estate plugin which is ideal for listing all of your property inventory. With base features like galleries, google maps, and search filter you will have everything needed to manage property listings

With our Real estate addon, you can feature relevant information like, number of beds, number of baths, square feet, and so much more. If interested in adding even more fields or controlling the labels, check out our Form Builder addon. This method of expansion continues with our other addons.


Our BePro Listings plugin is the best solution for creating any type of directory. It comes with base features like

  • Google maps
  • Search Filter
  • Gallery for each listing
  • Multiple result listing templates

There are literally too many features to list here. The goal of BePro listings is to facilitate all of your directory listing needs. Each listing has its own page. The plugin then helps you to input the info and allow users to find whats relevant to them. Best of all, this plugin is 100% free.


BePro Listings Realestate is an addon for the base plugin. This addon introduces realestate specific information like, number of bedrooms, parking spots, status and other details. This addon also ties into the base plugin features transforming the entire experience into a real estate directory focused website. New enhancements include

  • Search real estate specific info
  • Front end upload and management of listings
  • Listing details in results
  • Sold flags on the results
  • Listing details on their pages

Its safe to say that the addon fully integrates with the base plugin and enhances the features where necessary. This addon provides everything you would need to manage your vehicle inventory.


The base plugin was designed to be extended. Whatever features you need, this plugin has addons to facilitate your needs. The magic is in our flexible template system and communication network which allows addons to share information. This type of architecture allows us to provide additional features like

Whatever you need to manage your Real Estate inventory, we have an addon to fulfill that need. If an addon does not exist, contact our support team.


Regardless of what type of property you are listing, BePro Listings has the tools you will need. The plugin comes with galleries, search filter, google maps, and many other great features. With our RealEstate addon, you change the focus of the directory to being Real Estate specific. This type of configuration continues with our other addons like reviews, authors (for real estate agents) and others.

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