Recently we have released another Premium WordPress theme. This time its focused on those interested in featuring a searchable directory website. Its designed to work with our BePro Listings plugin, so its functionality is well tested and used by thousands around the world. Check out the BePro Business Directory theme today.


We used the data gathered from our thousands of customers using BePro Listings, to figure out whats needed for an ideal Directory website. We implemented a lot of that feedback into this WordPress theme. From basics that call to actions to advanced customizations of the WordPress functionality.

You will notice that we employ features like category images which is not a base feature of WordPress. In fact, most themes don’t feature this capability. However, our themes go further into utilizing WordPress features than most others. This type of depth allows you to feature the information that makes sense for your website


We offer various templates for this theme; however, 2 of them were a major focus for our design and development team. The first one is a home page, which will help you to capture users. The second page is a directory search page which fully integrates the BePro Listings features and some new features no packaged with the plugin


BePro Listings comes with a pleathora of directory features packaged 100% for free. If you are interested in added features, we offer over 20 addons to help you to customize the experience to fit the needs of your specific customers

Base features include:

  • Search and filter listings
  • Accept payments via paypal
  • Allow front end submissions and management of listings
  • Google maps display
  • Optionally capture, price, geography, or contact information
  • Multiple listing styles

This is a very short list of whats possible 100% for free via the BePro Listings plugin. This theme helps showcase these features as well as showcase never before seen capabilities of the plugin


As with all premium themes, we have utilized the various base features offered by WordPress. These are designed to make sure you still have the ability to implement good content and seo standards. After all, no one can find your directory if you aren’t showing up on search engines. WordPress features include

  • Category Images
  • Various Page templates
  • Admin Theme Customizer
  • Gutenburg page builder
  • Mobile friendly design

However, you plan to utilize the WordPress features, this theme provides the flexibility to implement that vision without negatively affecting the directory features. On the contrary, these features complement each other and constantly provide the user with options to switch easily between blog content and directory content


For those interested in setting up a directory website, consider using this premium website design on the WordPress CMS. With the power of BePro Listings, you are able to feature a professional directory with the power of the WordPress platform

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