Get paid for users to upload and list videos on your website with BePro Listings and its video addon. This combination allows your users to upload videos or link to videos that are already online. The BePro Listings Video addon supports, facebook, metacafe, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, and cnn. This provides a lot of flexibility for you and your users to quickly and easily add video listing content to your website.


Why use your server hardware when there are already popular platforms that will, process, store and serve the videos to your website? The BePro Listings platform makes good use of this, allowing users to simply link to their video. The system then pulls in the important information like the video screenshot and plays the video right on your website when prompted by the user.

Seeing that these website are popular because they already have content, its a great way for you to quickly grow your listings. You can easily begin the process by linking to a few popular videos which are relevant to your video directory. It also users to quickly extend the visibility of their video without having to go through the upload process yet again.


If you prefer to have users upload videos, BePro Listings and the videos addon will accept those too. As you can imagine, since these videos are played from your server, you will need a server built with this in mind. This type of setup will require that you have lots of memory and cpu power to feed the videos back to visitors efficiently.

If you have the hardware, this is a great way to retain control of the videos. They would be stored on your server and served to users from your hard drives. This means users must come to your website to ever view these videos. This is a great way to increase the importance of your website as the sole solution for certain content.


This is the easy and FREE part. BePro Listings allows you to make money from user submissions. You can use our FREE BePro Cart integration to accept paypal payments from users. You can also use one of our paid membership addons to limit features by membership tier. Either way, the payment process is as simple as installing the necessary addon and configuring it for your needs.

Content is king. Major companies across the globe are clamoring to control content and how its fed to users. There is no reason why you can get into the action also. Having useful, curated and rare video content on your website is a sure way to increase and retain traffic on your website for an elongated amount of time.

BePro Listings allows users to search and filter through content and video content is no exception. On this platform, users are able to easily navigate through your various options and find relevant video content. BePro Listings also makes the upload and management of the videos, easy for users to do from the front end. Together, you have a great experience for members and visitors


If you would like to monetize video submissions on your website, then you need BePro Listings and its videos addon. This combination provides a flexible platform for accepting video uploads or feeding from popular video websites. Its a great way to add content to your platform while also creating passive income for yourself.

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