We are please to release our new FREE BePro Software Updates plugin. Now, the plugins you download from beprosoftware.com, will notify you of available upgrades via the plugin admin page. This is the same experience you are used to for plugins downloaded on wordpress.org and greatly simplifies our previous process


We have been listening to our growing membership. We understand that some users experience difficulties when trying to update plugins not downloaded from wordpress.org. This process usually involves personally unzipping the purchased plugin and uploading it to your plugins folder, via a technology known as ftp (File Transfer Protocol).

We also understand that its time consuming and difficult to monitor both twitter and our website for plugin updates. With “BePro Software Updates” installed, plugins that are activated, will clearly state that there is an update available on the admin plugin page. You can also view details like the changelog, explaining the new features that are being released. When ready to proceed, update is one button click away.


With “BePro Software Updates”, the experience between plugins downloaded on wordpress.org and plugins you install from beprosoftware.com is very similar. There are definitely slight differences today and going forward

The plugins you purchase on beprosoftware.com need to be activated in order to notify you of potential updates. There will also be details missing like reviews. Some of the data is static like download numbers which we hope to automate in the future. The great news here is that this plugin is setup to be update friendly also. So you can anticipate it to evolve greatly from the version released today.

For now there are no api keys; However, you can anticipate upcoming versions to require that paid plugins have api keys in order to upgrade. You will always be notified of upgrades; However, at some point we will reject download request without a valid api key.


We are happy to make a major leap forward in terms of providing easy to use software. With “BePro Software Updates” installed, you and/or your customers will be better informed and empowered to take advantage of updates you paid for. The experience is familiar and mirrors what you would expect from plugins downloaded on wordpress.org.

Date: New plugin update process was last modified: December 20th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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