Now you can export your BePro Listings related data with our new BePro Listings Export plugin. Once installed, this plugin allows you to export your search results from the front end. Select who can download and how much. This is the perfect tool for figuring out the correct csv format and backing up your info


BePro Listings and many of its addons are supported by this new export process. Here is a short list of supported solutions

  • BePro Listings
  • BePro Listings Form Builder
  • BePro Listings Galleries
  • BePro Listings Realestate
  • BePro Listings Vehicles

We hope to add more addons to this list in the future. If supported, the addon will add its fields to the csv.


This is a very easy plugin to setup and use. Simply install it and its ready to be used. If interested, you can control various options including

  • Max # of records
  • User level (Admin, logged in, anyone)
  • Delimiter
  • Export Button Text

Once setup, the users with access to the feature, will see the Export button above the search results. When the user clicks it, they will begin to download a csv which reflects the current records. If they have filtered the search criteria, they will receive a csv with the filtered records.


Anyone who would like to control their directory data in csv format would like this plugin. This includes those who have csv files to import. Now you can confirm the headings necessary for your csv file to work.

Once you have the file, you can make changes to it and re-upload it. Alternatively, you may simply want to move the data to a new site and a csv export would make this easier. You have the power to control your data via csv’s


Now its very easy to backup your BePro Listings data. Keep the feature for yourself or allow certain users to be able to download also. The resulting csv can be kept as a backup and uploaded to any BePro Listings site when needed.

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