Creating an events focused website is easy when you use BePro Listings and its Bookings addon. Allow users to search and filter through available, dates, locations, contacts and event names. With further addons facilitating, photos, videos, and documents, the BePro Listings platform has everything needed to run a successful events website on the wordpress cms.


For weekly appointment focused operations, availability is measured from week to week e.g. dentists, hairdressers, real estate agents, etc. You can setup the plugin to work in this way. So instead of forcing you to enter each day of availability for an entire year, we allow you to set your general weekly availability. Specifically, you select the day and the time of availability. You are allowed to enter as many as you want within a day. The system automatically ignores overlapping timeframes.

In addition, when users search the website, they search for particular days. Staying within logic, their reservation is stored as a particular date and time. So the reservation is easy to read and track over time.


For many operations, availability is measured as a period of days in a year. For you, we offer a configuration option to use the traditional approach. You are able to enter a start date/time and end date/time for your event. Users are then able to search for any even occurring within their desired timeframe.

You are able to enter important information like, amount of seats available, if to allow multiple bookings per time slot and so much more. This is a great solution for any event that has a start and end date like, concerts, parties, meetings, etc.


If BePro Listings does not provide enough fields for gathering information, consider our form builder addon. Its visual drag and drop interface and over 18 form fields, will allow you to enter most types of information. With no limit to the amount of forms, you are able to gather unique information for each type of event

In addition, BePro Listings offers over 20 addons facilitating, reviews, contact, videos, documents, and many more features ideal for an events or appointment focused website. Engage your customers to make a sale and or gain feedback on your listings.


Regardless of how your business does appointments, BePro Listings can accommodate your needs with its Bookings addon. For those that need even more features, we offer various paid addons to choose from providing anything you would need to be successful

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