BePro Listings is a great foundation for creating a MP3 music directory. This wordpress plugin features everything you would need to facilitate any type of directory. With its audio addon, the features are expanded into managing and featuring audio files, especially mp3. You dictate how everything is laid out, as well as how users search, filter, and navigate your website.


Any music directory needs a certain set of features. BePro Listings audio addon alone brings the following features

  • html5 player with flash fallback
  • Ability to search for listings with audio files
  • Ability to upload several audio files per listing
  • Abilit to upload listings from the admin or front end
  • Support for MP3, wav, and other audio file types

Remember, this is just the audio addon. It sits on BePro Listings, extending the great optional directory features that it comes with for free. Basic free features include things like

  • Google maps
  • Ajax search and filter
  • Categories
  • Various listing types
  • Galleries
  • Paid submission

Together, BePro Listings and its audio addon, provide everything you would need to run a mp3 audio website. You can feature all of your own work or works from various artists. The listings can be packed full of interesting details including images, content, comments, and more


You can upload audio files to listings yourself or allow users to do so from the front end. The combination of BePro Listings and its audio addon accepts several audio files. Once uploaded, the files are available for playback on the listings page.

Its important to note that when uploading the files, you are also able to upload other details like, description, images, categories, and a title. These help you to create a whole page of information which includes the audio files. This is a great way to feature an album or particular single.

Once the user visits the listing page, they are able to play the audio file. The plugin will try to feed the audio file to the user using an html5 player. If this is unsuccessful, as expected with older browsers, the plugin will then try to use a flash player. This combination of features will accommodate the vast majority of browsers available today.

You want to follow our installation instructions. They will help you to setup a page for users to search and find various listings that are important to them. When they find a listing, they are able to go to a designated page with all various details, including the audio files in their own tab


We have thought of everything you would need to manage a audio directory. BePro Listings has over 18 addons and growing. Consider extending your mp3 listings websites with features like

There are too many to list here. Consider checking out our BePro Listings page for lots of addons and themes to consider for extending your mp3 directory.


When creating an audio directory, you should consider using BePro Listings and its audio addon. This combination allows you to list mp3, wav, and other audio files for playback by users. With a html5 player and flash fallback, this solution is suitable for various browsers.

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