Video directory websites are increasing with popularity as average internet speed increases. Why not create your video directory with the BePro Listings wordpress plugin and its Video addon. This combination will allow you to feature videos from sources like vimeo, youtube, and others.


This is an approach to creating your own video listings directory website, so you will have to setup a few things. The list of requirements are as follows

Once those are installed, you can consult our instructions on how to configure and setup BePro Listings. The result will be your own unique video listings directory website.


With BePro Listings, you get everything needed to run your own directory. These features include

  • Front end submission
  • Listing Galleries
  • Google Maps
  • Categories
  • Featured Listings
  • Ajax search and filter

You are able to configure these in various ways. This allows you to use the features you want in the way that you believe is most advantagous to your goals. The versatility of the plugin is what makes it possible to addon various features like the video capabilities

THE BePro Listings Videos ADDON

The videos addon is needed to facilitate the video features. It adds to the already great foundation that’s setup by BePro Listings. It work with our free BePro Listings Gallery sliders or BePro Listings Galleries. It introduces new features like

  • Front end upload of videos
  • Ability to search listings with videos
  • Show videos from youtube, vimeo, and other providers
  • Show videos in html5 player with flash fallback

This combination of features transforms BePro Listings into a video focused directory website with everything needed to manage listings


If you are building a video directory website, then consider using BePro Listings on the wordpress cms. This combination with the great video addon offered by BePro Listings, facilitate all features you need. When ready to expand, we have over 18 different addons for you to choose from to further extend features.

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