With google maps on the BePro Listings plugin, you can create a location directory. Feature real estate, vehicles, geocaching, and other types of directory websites that require geographic information. With BePro Listings, you can search and filter these locations on google maps.

WordPress is a great platform for saving content. With BePro Listings, this content is easy to collect and manage. Allow front end submissions or manage everything from the admin on your own.

Google Map Markers

With the BePro Listings Icons addons, you can add 127 custom google map markers covering a range of genres including:

  • Real Estate
  • Vehicles
  • Restaurants
  • Roman numbers 1-6
  • professional People
  • numbers 0-9
  • Pets
  • Entertainment
  • Letters english and spanish

As you can see, with the icons, you can support a range of listing types. You assign each marker to a category. Any time a listing with that category shows up on the map, its icon will be shown to represent it. This is ideal for the users to easily and quickly recognize relevant listings.

Google Maps API

With BePro Listings, you can utilize the new setup of google maps for 2019. Specifically, you will need the following apis

  • Javascript – Front end google map
  • Geocode – Backend code to convert addresses into lat/lon

Since 2019, Google requires that you sign up to use their api service. Once you do that and get the 2 required keys, simply enter them into BePro Listings and the plugin will do the rest.

Search and Filter

The whole point of a geo directory is to easily find geographic locations. With BePro Listings this is easy. The powerful built in search and filter features allow you to search various aspects including address. You can search for locations within a specific radius of your own. You can also search by other criteria depending on how you have configured the plugin

Initially, the plugin showcases the latest listings. The user then enters the address they are looking for and the plugin returns the results. You can configure the results to show on a new page like Google. Otherwise, the results will show on the same page, allowing users to further filter their search results


You finally found it, an easy way to create a geo directory on WordPress. With BePro Listings, its as easy as following the simple installation wizard and configuring the plugin. With addons like our icons solution, you can further enhance the google maps experience.

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