We have a great solution for anyone interested in building a website for car dealers to list vehicles. BePro Listings is a wordpress plugin which has everything you would need. Features include, google maps, price, ajax search / filter, categories and so much more. With our Vehicles plugin addon, you can add vehicle specific information like, status (for sale, lease, etc), year, condition and more

  • Form Builder – Use the form builder addon to upload custom information to your listings. No other car dealer plugin is this flexible
  • Tags – Highlight features for your vehicles with this addon.


BePro Listings is the ultimate directory solution for the wordpress cms. This plugin has the base features that everyone expects to see in a directory. We then offer addons which allow you to further expand your directory with features you are particularly interested in like, reviews, favorites, contact forms, video support and so much more. In fact we have over 18 addons for you to choose from and growing.

This plugin is flexible in its configuration. You can organize information in the way that’s most advantageous for your business. Feature listings for motorcycles, cars, boats, planes, or any other type of vehicle.


Our vehicles addon adds on to the base BePro Listings plugin, by introducing vehicle specific listing information. We then tie into several features including

  • Front end submission form
  • Result listing details including status flag
  • Listing page details
  • Ajax search / filter

Altogether, this transforms the directory experience into being car dealer focused. No other directory plugin can offer this level of flexibility. This ability was engineered into BePro Listings from its template system to communication network which facilitates communication between addons.


This is the easy part. WordPress is arguably the most popular cms available online. Its also free. Luckily the base BePro Listings plugin is also free. So here are the setup instructions

  • Download and install wordpress (FREE)
  • Download and install BePro Listings (FREE)
  • Purchase and install BePro Listings Vehicles (PAID)

When all 3 are installed, you can visit our BePro Listings setup instructions. We provide videos, code samples, and lots of other information to help you configure the plugin on our documentation page


Creating a website for car dealers is easy with BePro Listings and its vehicles addon. List any type of vehicle including, trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles and more. You are provided with everything you could possibly need including the base features like, galleries, categories, ajax search/filter, and so much more.

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