We are happy to have released this new free WordPress Gamification plugin to our BePro Software Suite. BePro Points allows you to reward users with points for interacting with your blog. In general, you can add/delete points from users. You can then let users see their own points or show everyone in a rank widget


Our product launch was successful. Through existing users of our previous gamification solution, we were able to get a test group to download the product and let us know how it performs. Results were positive as expected, consider our history in this field.

With tons of experience building our other BePro Software products and a long history building gamification solutions, we had a strong foundation for building this type of solution. The foundation of our code takes from these various experiences towards creating BePro Points. We believe the result is a unique product which is positioned to out perform any existing options in terms of, notifications, payment and extensions


As noted before, we had existing customers from being one of the biggest distributors of wordpress gamification solutions. In the past, we did this by connecting popular 3rd party points and ecommerce plugins together.

Customers have loved our woocommerce addon and have given our new solution the vote of approval. If you would like to add true points and rewards to your wordpress users, consider adding this addon. Users can be awarded points, purchase points and/or use points to purchase products/services.


The whole point of this article is to focus on whats next. As with all of our solution on the BePro Software Suite, you can expect continued maintenance and development of this solution. You can also expect that it will integrate with other plugins we create. In short, we hope to

  • make some integrations
  • improve the installation process.
  • extend the optional events for awarding points

Our first integrations will be with BePro Cart and BePro Email. We expect that this will provide a great FREE wordpress points and rewards solution. It will also effectively allow any plugin which integrates with BePro Cart, to become part of the gamification process.

Although BePro Points may seem simple today, we hope the amount of options available. Our plan is to implement an installation wizard which will introduce new users to our product and get them setup quickly.


Add points and rewards to your wordpress website today with BePro Points. Expect an easier setup process, more options and integration with a few of our plugins. We are very excited to add gamification to our entire BePro Software Suite.

Date: BePro Points 1.0.01: Whats Next was last modified: April 30th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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