For those interesting in moving large amounts of listings, you should seriously consider our API system. For some, our CSV option is more than enough. For others, they need a programmatic interface for transferring data to and from BePro Listings



There are many reasons someone would use an api system. In general, it requires someone who is willing to invest in remote management of their website. Here are a few examples of typical use case scenarios

  • Listing information is managed in a 3rd party application e.g. google apps
  • You would like to gather details about your installation
  • You would like to upload or remove large amounts of data e.g. millions of listings
  • Updates are required simultaneously

The resulting interface, allows computers to communicate. This is far more efficient and provides considerably more information than than CSV’s


Our API system accepts, updates, deletes and inserts. The BePro Software API plugin does a few checks on your  XML request, before its passed on to BePro Listings. Checks include things like checking credentials and confirming that the XML request is formatted correctly.

Once the request is passed on to BePro Listings, the plugin processes the request. Any errors encountered are returned to your application in the response. If no errors are found, then that is also returned in the api response.


We fully intend to extend the API system to allow you to communicate with other BePro Listings installations. As you can imagine, this will create the only community for exchanging generic listing information throughout wordpress.

We also hope to add to the possible API commands. For example, you will one day be able to execute queries remotely, returning data which matches your queries.

In addition, we hope to provide more control over he API. Currently, anyone with the correct username, password and url can connect. In the future, we will allow you to log requests and add various restrictions.


Now your wordpress directory can really manage millions of listings. With our new API feature, you can connect your third party custom application to BePro Listings and control data remotely. If your listing data is managed outside of BePro Listings this is a must have solution.


Date: BePro Listings API was last modified: June 12th, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at

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