This new version of BePro Listings ends our support for cubepoints and starts our support for BePro Cart. This is the first of a few major changes for BePro Listings. The ultimate goal being a plugin which can facilitate all of your directory needs, regardless of niche


Since cubepoints has not been updated in about 2 years, we are forced to drop support for it. Don’t worry, we have a great solution for adding points (gamification) to your website in the works and will release it in the upcoming weeks

In the previous versions of BePro Listings, we offered the opportunity to charge users points for each listing they create. We understand that many of our customers like this gamification option and prefer it over the cash payment. This feature will be reintroduced via BePro Cart in the near future.


This new plugin is designed to provide payment features to all of our BePro Software products. If you are a plugin developer, you can integrate with this plugin also. The goal of BePro Cart is to elimintate the unrealistic issue of having multiple plugins provide their own shopping cart and checkout options

With BePro Listings, you are presented with the cost of the product in your front end profile area. If the product has a cost more than $0, you will be offered the opportunity to add the product to your shopping cart. Once the checkout process is completed, BePro Cart notifies BePro Listings of the successful payment. You can configure BePro Listings to immediately set that listing to published.

BePro Listings INTERFACE

The major difference in interface will be noticed while viewing the listings in the admin area or while viewing them on your front end profile. You will notice that there is a new field called “Notices”. This new field provides useful information regarding the status of a listing. Things like, expiry date, outstanding cost or if a listing has been paid.

BePro Listings OPTIONS

With the BePro Listings integration with BePro Cart, you can now charge by category or a flat rate for each listing. In cases where you choose to charge by category, each category will have an extra “Fee” option where you can set the cost for listing in that category. For those that choose the flat fee option, every post will have the same cost and there is no more configuration needed


Now, listings can expire. The default is 0 which means listing never expire. Alternatively, if you set a valid time frame in days, each new listing will be given an expiration date. You can easily edit this expiration date while editing the listing.


This new version of BePro Listings is feature rich. Many may think they would have happily paid for these new features. However, our goals are to provide you with a complete directory solution for free. We have designed our Addons to provide meaningful feature enhancements only useful to a subset of our users. This version cements our position as the best wordpress directory plugin available

Date: BePro Listings 2.1.55 was last modified: October 17th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at

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