We are very happy to announce the release of BePro Listings 2.1.33. Its been a long time since we created a news update regarding progress and a lot has happened. One thing for sure, is that BePro Listings has the most unique and unmatched features. If you are building a classifieds or directory website, you should definitely checkout this plugin.


Over the past few months, we have been working hard on a few specific goals. You can track our almost weekly updates to the plugin via the changelog on wordpress.org. Our major goals included

  • Ability to make money by charging users to post listings
  • Improve design and make all elements responsive for mobile devices
  • Support of major media types via addons (video,audio,documents)
  • Support multiple niche directory types (vehicles, real estate, etc), simultaneously, on the same domain via addons
  • Improve security
  • Facilitate easy setup and configuration

We believe that we accomplished all goals. We are particularly happy to be part of a small group of plugins which can make you money. That’s right, we created a plugin which generates revenue and we expect you to keep all of the profits!


With the advent of our all in one shortcodes, we have allows the newest of wordpress users to unleash the power of BePro Listings within seconds. We have also added lots of options to the admin making configuration of the plugin a breeze.

The plugin itself works smoother. With its new ajax search and filter features, everything can happen on one page. This is an alternative to the still available distributed architecture, where the user enters the search criteria on one page and is redirected to another to view the results.

Addons have their own ajax powered admin section. They integrate seamlessly into BePro Listings adding and altering features as needed. This is the ultimate modular approach to creating custom and unique classified websites. This allows you to add only the features you need, avoiding the reduction of speed that is expected with overweight applications

We have also launched our $1 one dollar wordpress themes which are complete themes that focus on BePro Listing features. They facilitate an extremely quick avenue for getting up and running with BePro Listings for next to nothing


At the time of writing this, we have over 18 addons and 5 themes available for BePro Listings. Our Addons provide lots of new ways to customize your listings experinece. We have (4) four major categories of addons.

  1. There are HTML5 media addons like, Videos andAudio with flash fallback.
  2. There are customer engagement addons like, Star Reviewsand availability / booking.
  3. We create niche market addons like real estate andBusiness.
  4. Also addons which tie into 3rd party solutions like s2member and PMPro.

These addons have allowed us to facilitate any directory feature you can think of. What you may also notice is that we refrained from re-inventing the wheel. Specifically, we have integrated with popular and well tested plugins which facilitates important features like membership and payments


Everything is going as planned so far and we have a lot more in store for BePro Listings. In the upcoming months you can anticipate

  • Ability to view Listings via mobile app
  • Even more configuration options
  • Better language support
  • More themes and addon options
  • Email notifications
  • Statistics
  • CSV Uploads for niche addons
  • Better communication regarding available addon upgrades

There is currently no other plugin for wordpress with the feature set we offer. Now that we have accomplished this record, we don’t intend to slow down. You can learn more about the progress and plans for BePro Listings by joining one of our Subscription options.


Make money with BePro Listings, that’s one of the major takeaways from the most recent versions of the plugin. You can charge users to post with the base free plugin. Beyond that, we offer multiple ways to extend the functionality of the plugin including, media, membership, user interaction and niche market listings. Together, this creates an interactive experience for your visitors and helps you to make money

Date: BePro Listings 2.1.33 was last modified: July 12th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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