The year 2014 has been positive for the BePro Software brand. Our membership has grown and as a result downloads of our products have grown. Opportunities that were never planned flourished, while some of our biggest projects flatlined. This post covers some of the more interesting milestones in the evolution of this year

THE WEBSITE AND TEAM has itself evolved over the last 12 months. In its earliest days, it was designed and used like a blog. Apart from comments, there was no user interaction. Obviously, things have changed a lot over the past 12 months. With a new design, membership options, new features and sections, we now offer a lot more for our visitors.

What was once a one man job, now includes a team of dedicated individuals. We now have team members to help with, design, content, servers and so much more. As has changed so drastically over the past 12 months, you can expect us to continue this trend into the next year. Most importantly, we hope to become more than just software and provide more tools needed to be successful online


Many may not be aware, this website was originally created as a portfolio for Beyond Programs Ltd. As customers requested custom addons for popular wordpress plugins, we shared the ones we were allowed to. Look at us now with over 50 products and services offered.

We always provided custom development work. This trend has continued and is a major focus for our team going forward. However, the nature of our development work has changed drastically over the past 12 months. Where we were once occupied with customizing the software created by others, we are now primarily working on software we products and support. It is very exciting to see the emergence in popularity for our software.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the customers that stuck around with us. Your support has helped us in many different ways. Besides confirming interest in our solutions, you have provided us with the revenue needed to continue maintaining and developing new software solutions

Several of you have taken the leap to try our subscription options. These customers get access to our prototypes and products before the general public. They also received discounts, access to special areas, content and more. We appreciate the feedback and monthly support this provides.


A year ago, we would have never anticipated that would grow so much. It looks different, works differently, and supports more customers than ever. Our team has evolved and now supports our customers with more products and services than ever before. With a growing membership base, we are excited to see what 2015 will bring.

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